Angelica Paez, Telepathy, collage, 2011
Food for thought
November 18, 2017

All Art is Telepathy

Angelica Paez, Telepathy, collage, 2011 When I think of magicians, an image of a gentleman…
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escher evolution of art
Art History
November 11, 2017

M.C. Escher on the evolution of art

Still Life with Spherical Mirror, 1934 Evolution of art has been a subject of argument…
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escher-collage -regular division of the plane
Art HistoryBooksPeople
November 8, 2017

M.C. Escher on Regular Division of the Plane

The story of Escher’s life and work is of a loner, who’s freed himself from the dogma of division between art and science. Impossible as his dreams might look, the…
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