Cezanné’s letter to Claude Monet

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Cezanne's handwritten letter to Monet

In July, 1896 Paul Cezanné wrote a letter to his dear friend, another great artist, Claude Monet, from his sunny studio in Aix au Provence in the south of France.

It says:

My dear Monet…

I had to leave Paris, as the date fixed for my journey to Aix has arrived. I am with my mother, who is far on in years and I find her frail and alone.

I was forced to abandon for the time being the study that I had started at the house of Geffroy, who had placed himself so generously at my disposal, and I am a little upset at the meagre result I obtained, especially after so many sittings and successive bursts of enthusiasm and despair. So here I am then, landed again in the South, from which I should, perhaps, never have separated in order to fling myself into the chimerical pursuit of art.

To end, may I tell you how happy I was about the moral support received from you, which served as a stimulus for my painting. So long then, until my return to Paris, where I must go to continue my task, as I promised to Geffroy.

Greatly regretting that I had to leave without seeing you again, I remain, cordially yours,

Paul Cezanné