About Clueless Critic

Welcome to Clueless Critic – my virtual gallery, library, album, hoard box- whatever you want to name it, really.
This is a documentation of my inspirations, a journey of becoming a creative professional and of me DIY-ing a fulfilling and productive life.
I write about Art, Interior Design and feed my inspiration and curiosity of Films, Books, travel and, most importantly, from my experience of being me – a woman, friend, young professional, an alien living in London, a person trying to find her identity through a meaningful vocation.
Whenever I get a chance, I go to libraries, museums and galleries to train my eyes and learn about objects.
My name is Bolor (pronounced Ba-lor) – the writer and curator behind the scene.

History of Clueless Critic

A story of my life is a battle between two voices in my head – the Critic, that scrutinises every single thing I do with an eye of a perfectionist, and the petulant Child, who just wants to do things without over analysing.
I soon learnt that, fortunately, I’m not the only one with the Critic-syndrome, and, unfortunately, it is a rather common issue that stops so many people from creating. So, don’t be surprised if I start contradicting myself – it’s just me trying to figure things out, just like you.
I ask myself, why do I have to go through the torture of writing about what I saw out there, can’t I just post the photos on Instagram and be done with it? Art writing is a well-known sedative, right?
And then I disagree.
Through writing and analysing meanings of items, art and artefacts, I get a sense of intimate exploration and understanding of the minds of the people who created those things in a first place. I look for answers to how did they solve the problem in front of them and turned it into something that makes you feel truly alive and inspired.

What do I do in real life?

During the day-time, I work as a bookkeeper in an accountancy firm (yes, you read that right).
The rest of the time, I study Interior design (I share all my knowledge and findings here), work on the house-building project with my husband and write.
Also, I love everything related to Tarot, Carl Jung, esoterics, symbolism, surrealism, collective unconsciousness, magic, rituals, holistic therapy, psychoanalysis, and the world of weird and wonderful.

The real reason why I do accounts?

Because unlike dead artists, live businesses actually pay me to keep their books and records.