Clueless Critic

is where I feed my curiosity for Art, Design and the visual language.

There are as many definitions of art as there are people to define it. But I prefer how the writer Stephen King described it, in the most ‘Stephen King’ way possible, ‘a craft that enables meeting of the minds across time and space’, almost like ‘telepathy’! And this ‘telepathic’ connection that wires all creative minds is the ethos of this blog.

I graduated university with a degree in History and Philosophy of Art a few years ago. Thinking about it, it was such a brief introduction to such a wide topic. This is why I started Clueless Critic – to keep learning and share the ideas I think it’s important to spread.

Each week I will be posting a brief digest of books and materials on the subject of Art and Design history, theory, style, and technique. Also, I will connect with the industry professionals, practicing artists and designers for tips and insights into their creative process. So, subscribe to my email list or follow me on social media, and I hope you’ll find inspiration too.


Hi, I’m Bolor - blogger, book lover and an aspiring illustrator living in London.